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Traditionally, to smudge means to purify the atmosphere of negative elements with the smoke of certain sacred herbs. Sage is one of the most sacred herbs for smudging. Used to purify mind, body, spirit before prayer, meditation or ceremony.

Light the smudge stick and place in a small bowl of sand, allowing it to smolder. After smudging, extinguish it in the sand and save it for next time.

  • Cedar: Clears negative emotions. A medicine of protection
  • Juniper: Stimulates and revives energy. Resists disease
  • Pine: Relaxing, stress relieving. Antibacterial.
  • Sage: Drives out any negative thoughts, energy & influences
  • Organic, wildcrafted, handmade


This four-pack contains smudge sticks of cedar and sage, juniper and sage, pine and sage, and mountain sage.

Vendor: Dempsy

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