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I have been present in places where the energy felt thick and heavy, or spaces that were so full of stagnant negative energy that it seemed almost shrouded by fog. We've all had our down times or lost loved ones , or felt as if outside forces may be working against us. We've all had those days where things just don't go as planned or we feel anxious or afraid. This candle is meant to brighten those dark spots and bring protection, love and powerful energy which surrounds us, banishing the thickness of air and negative feelings, people and outlooks.

Meant to be burned morning or evening; light this candle during times of need,  when your life needs a little brightness. Most effective leading up to, and during the full moon.


  • Bay leaves for protection and clearing
  • Eco soy wax
  • Clear quartz, a stone of power to amplify intention, to cleanse, to increase spiritual vibration.
  • Black tourmaline for protection against negative energy and spiritual attacks
  • Devil's club oil and thorns for protection of body and spirit, health, and to ward off negativity and spirits
  • Red peppercorns to sweeten and hasten fire
  • Gold bio glitter to symbolize warmth and the sun
  • Blessed earth as an invocation of nature spirits and ancestors.
  • Fennel & Coffee grounds to bind and quicken the energy and speed of attainment
  • Moon & storm water aids in the manifestation,protection, power,self esteem, and balancing emotions, pain, and grief.
  • Chamomile for happiness tranquility and peace
Remember Never to blow your candle out, so you don't blow away your intention. Either snuff it out, or smother it with the lid.
Candles contain herbs and some possible flammable matter: should they sizzle or catch fire simply cover with the candle cap provided
Never leave lit candles unattended.
All Spell candles come with an instructional guide card
We recommend doing your candle work around the same time of day/night for optimal results, it is ideal to first cleanse your space with one of the following or smudge of your choice:

- Palo Santo
- Smudge ceremony sacred blessing spray
- Yule bell/Witch bell
- Sage

*Though I live & breathe my teachings, the metaphysical world, nature, folk magic, traditional medicine, and my culture. I am required to place this statement where for sale: I cannot guarantee any specific results with use of this product and it is sold as a curio. Do not drop bottle or it may break. Do not consume contents. I am not responsible for any misuse.

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