Welcome to tsain-ko Native Gifts.

Celebrating the ceremonial and the sacred. 

Residing on the traditional swiya of the shíshálh nation, tsain-Ko Native Gifts are inspired by the living cultures of the Pacific Northwest.

Tsain-Ko Native Gift Shop is 100% Native owned and operated. 

As a member from the Squamish Nation, owner Frances Nahanee brings her vision, experience and intention into every carefully chosen product.

The tsain-ko Gift Shop is an inclusive space that celebrates and honours Coast Salish art, from both renowned and emerging first nation artists. We are also proud to offer a diverse collection of First Nation inspired jewelry, clothing and gifts, books and wellness products .  These elements are linked together by a history and culture interwoven through each product. 

100% of the art featured on our products is designed by First Nation artists from BC and across Canada. Our product packaging honours traditions through identifying cultural affiliations. 

Explore our online shop. Your journey into a deeply rooted cultural heritage begins here. 





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