Graham Henry -  Born in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada.  He is a member of the Cowichan Band of the Coast Salish Nation.   Graham takes the Eagle, a prestigious and high status symbol, as his family crest.  He has an intricate carving style and is constantly making new and unique designs.   He works in silver and gold.  Graham's brother, Travis Henry, was his main teacher.  He also worked with Patrick Seaweed a well renowned carver from Alert Bay, BC.   

Joe Descoteaux – Ojibway; Born in 1964 in Ontario, Joe moved to British Columbia in the 1980s where he met his wife Cheryl Wadhams. Joe began working in the Northwest Coast style under the guidance of Cheryl and her uncles Don Dawson and Raymond Wadhams. After working in wood for a year, Joe learned jewellery making techniques from Lloyd Wadhams Jr. In 2007, at a potlatch in Alert Bay, Joe was given the name Hilamas, a traditional name from the Dawson family which means 'he fixes things'.

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