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Palo Santo Love Bundle: • Ethically sourced palo santo, deriving from naturally fallen trees • Each bundle includes 3 palo santo sticks, wrapped in a delicate lace • Includes burn instructions and healing property herb legend * Note: as each bundle is unique, lace styles and crystal shapes may vary slightly

Palo Santo: known as "holy wood", as its known to cleanse negative energy, restore tranquility and raise vibrations through smoke cleansing. Palo Santo is also known to enhance creativity, focus attention and quiet the mind.

Rose Quartz: associated with the heart chakra, promotes love, harmony and compassion. Rose quartz can open the heart on all levels, giving us a deeper understanding of love in all relationships.

♡small batch ♡made with love & intention from Vancouver, BC, Canada ♡women & bipoc owned ♡ethically sourced from an indigenous supplier and local Canadian suppliers

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