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sage - abalone shell - wood cobra stand - feather

Cleanse yourself and your space with sacred natural materials that are ethically harvested and hand-crafted. This premium kit features wild white sage (salvia apiana) which is hand harvested by selected indigenous companies. The ideal vessel for burning these sacred herbs is a sustainably harvested abalone shell. Display this beautiful shell in a cobra stand; hand-carved from a single piece of renewable mango wood. To complete the kit, a turkey feather has been collected to be used for wafting the cleansing smoke. These mindful items come together in a palownia wood box that is engraved with a feather plus a retail-ready box wrap.

Cleansing is a universal practice used to center and focus ourselves and to cleanse people, objects and spaces.

The general guidelines are as follows:
Place the material in a heat proof vessel. After igniting the material, allow it to gently burn, then fan out the flame. Use the smoke from the smouldering material to first waft around yourself. Next, spread it around the person, object or space being cleansed. Fully extinguish the flame when finished.

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