Nature’s Aspirin: Nêpisê (Willow Bark) & Pain Relief Tea

Nature’s Aspirin: Nêpisê (Willow Bark) & Pain Relief Tea

By Carrie at Askiy Tea

Our Nêpisê tea comes from the bark of the white willow tree. One of the traits of the willow tree is its flexibility. It has strong branches that are flexible and can bend without breaking. The trunk and roots symbolize our connectedness to the earth, and the importance of being firmly grounded. 

While going through a particularly tough period in my life, a wise friend took me outside to her backyard, where she had a large willow tree growing. She had me lay my hands on the trunk of this wise old tree. 

I was overwhelmed by the power in the tree. This moment helped me to remember who I was. It was a moment of reconnection to Mother Earth. I saw a glimmer of hope and was able to tap into my strength and courage.

The message of the willow tree is to surrender to the process in order to understand ourselves more. The willow tree can survive and thrive in some of the harshest conditions. The willow taught me that I had the ability to be strong and to grow; yet still remain flexible.

And now, whenever I drink Nêpisê, I am drawn back to those feelings of strength, courage, growth and flexibility. It is truly a soul-refreshing tea.

Willow seems to be nature’s aspirin, so that makes it a natural choice to help with inflammatory pain, arthritis, headache and bursitis.

Willow naturally contains salicin (similar to active ingredient in aspirin) and can also treat fevers, earaches and headaches. I think of willow as the ‘weed’ of the trees, as it grows quickly and is abundant across North America. There are many forms and types of willow, but I prefer the white willow.

Wild mint has many healing properties, and is known to decrease inflammation and help with joint pain.

Pain Relief Tea Recipe
  • 2 parts Wild Mint
  • 1 part White Willow Bark
  1. Combine in an airtight container and store out of the sunlight.
  2. To drink - steep 1 teaspoon in 1 cup of boiling water for 5-10 minutes.


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