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British Columbia has about 40 different species of native trees. Some trees, like lodgepole pine, grow throughout the province, but others only grow in places where they are adapted to the particular climate. For example, western red cedar grows mostly on the coast and in the wetter parts of the Interior, where there is abundant rainfall and temperatures are mild. Englemann spruce grows at higher elevations, where winters are very cold and snowfall can be heavy.

The guide—developed by the British Columbia Ministry of Forests— is intended to help identify the native trees in the 14 biogeoclimatic zones across BC and understand why they grow where they do. The book provides readers with the foundation to learn about the parts of the tree and the characteristics to look for to be able to recognize the different species of trees.

This user-friendly guide is packed with useful information and is intended to create interest and excitement about discovering the uniqueness of trees and opening the door to the natural world.

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