Nootka Sound And The Surrounding Water Of Maguinna (PB)

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One of the great ecotourism destinations of the Pacific Northwest is portrayed through the eyes of a seasoned kayaker. On Captain James Cook's earliest maps "Nutka" was the sole northern Pacific port of entry to the New World. Nootka was the home base of avarice and slaughter as the sea otter was rendered extinct in local waters by American and English traders. It gained further infamy with the enslavement of John Jewitt in 1803. Always it has been known as the land of Maquinna, chief of the Nootkas. Since the author's discovery of Nootka Sound some fifteen years ago she has explored and lived off the local waters and been fortunate to witness and enjoy the return of the sea otter. In this spectacularly beautiful area she has befriended loggers and First Nations families and listened to their stories first hand. She has explored the Sound's endless coves and hideaways - First Nations villages, abandoned logging camps and Spanish outposts. She shares those experiences with the reader and describes the routes and sights that new visitors can enjoy.

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