Wellness begins with awareness. First Nation heritage is firmly planted in celebrating, honouring and sustaining our intrinsic connection to the natural world.  First nations culture morals and values are based upon sustainability and stewardship;  the quality of life relies upon these values.  First nations people relied on the abundance of resources available in their traditional territory for survival, and the trees for shelter and clothing and basketry, etc.  Plants for food, medicine and spiritual use. All together everything was appreciated good or bad, as it all had a purpose in the quality of life of the individual, family, and community. First nations people were 50% physically active, but also 50% spiritually active, hence achieved for themselves balance, that kept them mentally and emotionally healthy.   Our people were prayerful to the creator for gratitude and thankfulness, but also in acknowledgement of a higher being that takes care of us all.  Osiem!

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